Silence might have today the value that music used to. For many human beings around the world, experiencing quietness is almost impossible. In a hectic world, I see different challenges today for an artist: how to give silence the value music used to have, how to write for our inner voice, how to write for a string quartet without strings, how to write a minute of silence or how to give more attention our fantasy and to be aware that it is the most important difference between humans and the rest of living creatures.

“Still-Leben mit Stille” (Still life with silence), is intended to contemplation focusing on the graphic value of silence in music. At the same time, it is an opportunity for me to develop my passion for storytelling using our universal language: I build a story around the different people they are dedicated to, making a portrait of them.

Whatever the beginning of the universe might have been, it was the start of a huge composition we are all part of, with all our voices and all their echoes. This is the reason why I believe that silence is nothing but an illusion.

Exhibition at the Municipal Gallery Kharkov, Ukraine. Opening 21.08.18:



Exhibition at «Vides Deja» Festival 2020. Līgatne, Latvia. Opening 04.08.20:



Exhibition at Fábrica da Criatividade. Castelo Branco, Portugal. Opening 03.11.2020


«Still Life with Silence», Vortex Music Journal:



List of Exhibitions «Still-Leben mit Stille» (Still Life with Silence)


October. 23 (individual)

Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theater. Vilnius, Lithuania


January-February. 23 (individual)

Pärnu City Library. Pärnu, Estonia

November. 22 (group, «AIR Künstler*innenaustausch 2020 Stadt Salzburg»)

Galerie Mozartplatz 5. Salzburg, Austria

September. 22 (individual)

KoncertKirken. Copenhagen, Denmark

September. 22 (group, «Peace and Cultural Diversity» Art Exhibition») 

Yunus Emre Institut. Wien, Austria 

July 2022 (individual) 

Anderson Center Minnesota, USA 

October. 21 (group, » Mondes Paralleles») 

Espace 7 Gallery in La Bastille. Paris, France 

September. 21 (group, «Art Nest») 

Le Village Suisse (International Art Gallery). Paris, France 

June. 21 (group, » Traverser ton Miroir»)

Cassiopée Café-Galerie. Paris, France 

May. 21 (group, » Traverser ton Miroir») 

Espace 7 Gallery. Paris, France

November. 20 (group, «Tributo alla Zappa»)

KHG-Galerie Salzburg, Austria


October. 20 (individual)

Fábrica da Criatividade. Castelo Branco, Portugal



September. 20 (group, «La Formule de l’Art»)

Arte al Paso Gallery. Paris, France

August. 20 (individual)

Festival “Vides Deja”, Līgatne, Latvia

August. 20 (individual)

Festival “Vides Deja”, Līgatne, Latvia

October. 19 (individual)

Museo Na Bolom. San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico

August 19 (individual)

Tres50 Espacio Cultural. Chiapa de Corzo, Mexico

June. 19 (group)

Shakespeare. Salzburg, Austria

March. 19 (individual)

Museo Regional de Chiapas. Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Mexico

December. 18 (group, «Stille Nacht Heute»)

Sigl-Haus Museum. St. Georgen bei Salzburg, Austria

November. 18 (individual)

Instituto Cervantes. Lisbon, Portugal

September. 18 (individual)
Ryogoku Monten Hall. Tokyo, Japan

August. 18 (individual)

Kharkov Stadtgalerie. Kharkov, Ukraine

January.18 (individual)

Galería “Arte a Diario”. Jerez, Spain

November.16 (group)

KHG-Galerie Salzburg, Austria

April.16 (group, «Musica con Vista»)

Musica con Vista. Sala Ammannati del Palazzo Ducale. Lucca, Italy

June.10 (group)

Kultur Bundesministerium, Vienna, Austria


Tag der jungen Kultur. Salzburg, Austria